You can purchase a car from our stock either at TradeCarView or by contacting us directly.

E-mail Us

If you would like to place a more customized request for a car you are searching for.

Fill out a request form

Provide us with as much detail as you can about:

  • Your name, address, and contact information
  • Your desired model/make/year/grade, etc.
  • Your desired trade terms (FOB/CIF/CFR)
  • Additional options (pre-shipment inspection, insurance)
  • Your country and nearest port

Get an invoice & place an order

Based on your request, we will prepare an invoice for you.
We will search for your desired car and depending on what we find, we will make suggestions for appropriate repairs, insurance, etc.
Once you have decided on a vehicle to purchase, let us know your decision and your purchase options.
We will prepare and send a final invoice for your order.

Make the payment

After completing the advance payment, we will send you a copy of the receipt and acquire your vehicle.

Vehicle shipment

After confirming receipt of full payment, we will prepare for shipment of your vehicle.
We will arrange exportation via the first available vessel.
Once the vehicle has been shipped, we will send you the necessary documents via courier.

Collect your vehicle

Once you receive the documents, please begin arranging collection of your vehicle.
You will need to register the vehicle in your country and complete the appropriate preparations for payment of fees and taxes. If you require assistance with these arrangements, please contact a clearing agent in your country.

Take your vehicle home!